Graduate Enrollment by Department
Fall 2018
CollegeDepartmentMaster'sDoctoral (including Special Professional)Certification and Non-degree
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration (Dean's Office)183302
Department of Accounting and Information Systems68 6
Economics and Finance18  
College Total269308
EducationCollege of Education (Dean's Office)7  
Educational Leadership and Foundations79522
Educational Psychology and Special Services183  
Teacher Education2495924
College Total51811126
EngineeringCivil Engineering10923 
College of Engineering (Dean's Office) 35 
Computer Science76  
Department of Engineering Education and Leadership7  
Electrical and Computer Engineering35291
Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering84  
Mechanical Engineering 66421
Metallurgical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering3128 
College Total4081572
Graduate StudiesCenter for Environmental Resource Management 49 
Materials Research and Technology Institute 23 
College Total 72 
Health SciencesHealth Sciences 26 
Public Health Sciences38 1
Rehabilitation Sciences147102 
Social Work77  
College Total2801281
Liberal ArtsCommunication19  
Creative Writing74  
Languages and Linguistics27 1
Liberal Arts (Dean's Office)166 14
Political Science18  
Sociology and Anthropology34  
College Total44511727
Office of Academic AffairsNon-degree  45
College Total  45
School of NursingSchool of Nursing5072024
College Total5072024
School of PharmacySchool of Pharmacy 98 
College Total 98 
ScienceBiological Sciences34833
College Of Science (Dean's Office)4035 
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1139 
Geological Sciences42314
Mathematical Sciences44 6
College Total19318813
University Total2,620921146